Inotia 3 : Children Of Carnia Walkthrough Part 1

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I decided to write a full walkthrough about this game. I beat this game one time before & i would like to share with everyone the walkthrough of this game. I will keep updating this walkthrough whenever i have free time. If you have any oppinions, suggestion, or anything just give me a comment. Ok then, Let Start!

For this game, i will use Barbarian, you can chose whatever you like, each character has its own pro & cons, So choose the one that suits your skills.

We will start the game in Lucio's dream. The guy (this is actually Lucio) in his dream is being chased by Imp Pursuer, beat them all & head up north to rescue his sister's Irene.

Along the way you will find a treasure chest, don't open it or you will fall into a trap. But if you do open it & fall into the trap, you can easily beat the Imp.

Waiting ahead is Parker being attacked by Tamed Crystal Spider & Imp Stalker, cut them all & go to north.

You will then find your sister, Irene being hold by a group of devil. Kill them all, easy job, use your registered skill, slash & chop.

Then a devil will turn your sister to some freak that don't know you any more and start to attack you. Then you wake up from nap & this is the game really begin.

Your 1st Quest is to get 8 Reindeer Leather for your Adulthood Ceremony. Simply kill the Reindeer & collect its leather, then head up north and give the leather to Tanner Chess & claim your rewards.

Tanner Chess will give you a Handbag, equip it.

After a small talk, Tanner Chess will ask you to bring the Dress Fabric to Charmer Shuiga.

Talk again to Tanner Chess for another quest. He need you to identify his dagger. Simply go to Weapon Merchant Ralph to identify the dagger. After that return to Tanner Chess to complete the quest.

Head up to north, you now find Ameli your girlfriend in progress, after a small talk, go into the Islet to meet Charmer Shuiga.He will give you Traditional Leather Armor & ask you to deliver Traditional Dress to Chief Cliff.

Go to the east of the town to meet Chief Cliff. Hands over the Traditional Dress & he will give you Traditional Leather Boots.

After that there will be scene where the ceremony begin, everyone congratulate them and so on. To complete the ceremony, they will have to go to the Sacret Tree Ground to collect the Sacret Tree leaf.

Before we proceed to the Giant Forest, Equip all the item that we get earlier. Also put the Potion on the Hotkey for easy use. Meet Armor Merchant Tina at the south & she will ask you to meet the Portal Master at the Village Inn. Go to the Village Inn to meet the Old man & earn 100 EXP. For this 1st game, you dont have to go into the portal because you will never win as the monster inside that portal is ridiculously strong.
After that head up to north and talk to Named Hunter Guildsman to receive a quest.

He ask you to capture a Young Blood Tornado and put it in the iron cage. Talk again to him and he will ask you to write a review about this game, so do as he said and he will give you Supreme Elexir & Holy Creature Potion.

After that, enter the Giant Forest & straight to the Sacret Tree Ground where you will find a dying orc. Ameli decided to heal the orc & ask you to find 8 Epere Horns & 8 Life Roots in the Giant Forest. So, go get em.

Bring back the thing to Ameli & earn 140 EXP.

After that a small scene will play. The Orc named Kundin is being chase by some bad guy to take the Gauntlets. Kundin Give the Gaunlets to you & ask you to take them to the Elder of Frost Wind Village.

After that, Kundin was kill by Kane. Take the Sacret Tree Leaf & gain 60 EXP. You need to bring back the leaf to Chief Cliff.

Go back to the Giant Forest & beat the Young Blood Tornado at the top of the hill and then capture it in the iron cage. After that, go back to the village and talk to Named Hunter to complete the Lantent Threat quest.

Talk to him again to receive a another quest which is to hunt down Blood Crystal Spiders, Risen Orc Beserkers & Red Rats.

After that, go to Chief Cliff house & talk to him to complete Dead Orc Request 1 & Sacret Tree Leaf 2 quest.

After a small scene, you receive another quest to deliver the Gauntlets to the Frost Wind Tribe Elders.

Charmer Shuga will give you Awakening Emblem. Use it on Ameli to unlock the Celestial Hammer's skill.

- End Of Part 1 -
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  1. Aku udah mengalahkan Young Blood Tornado, tapi kok gak ada kaLimat yg nerangin udah masuk ke iron cage ya?

    Waktu balik ke Named Hunter, quest-nya pun belum hilang.. ~x(

  2. @Anonim oh... kasus yang menarik tuh gan. biasanya young blood abis dikalahin dia akan pasrah gitu (gak bakalan nyerang)coba agan lawan lagi young bloodnya, abis itu balik ke village hunter.

  3. kalau untuk cara menangkap serigala pake cage it gmn ya?
    kurang lebih sm dg young blood t?
    tolong penjelasannya.. thanks..

  4. Pas udah kalahin. Kan ajak ngomong lg keluar kotakan diklik aja kata kata yg nerangin mau cage young blood tornado sama halnya ama serigalanya

  5. @mocin iya sama. kalahin aja serigalanya,nanti muncul kotak dialog di atas serigalanya, dan ajak ngomong dah. begitu seterusnya

  6. Gan, cara nyelamatin ameli dari batu gimana ya? Mohon pencerahannya :)


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